Mr. Sex

I bet most of you find the title intriguing. Well the guy I’m writing about was equally intriguing – in a very sexual way of course.

There are people who like sex and then there are people who perhaps live to have sex. Not that I am judging in any way. Live and let live is my motto in life.

So I came across Mr. Sex on a dating app – one of the good, paid ones that do a background check before they let you sign in. He liked me and asked me out – on the app. Yeah well virtual asking out is actually a thing these days.

We chatted and thus began my journey of getting turned on and turning him on – on levels I didn’t know existed before. Well what can I say – being celibate for 8 years can make you a little vulnerable to sexual overtures.

For a day or so I thought to myself – why not! It is my body and I really don’t feel like committing after my heart being broken by 5 guys since the start of 2018. Well not really broken but more like injured lol.

Well I didn’t go forth with it. Somehow didn’t feel right but coming back to Mr. Sex. What a guy! I really wish more men were like him. Honest, experienced, experimental and willing – what more could a girl want! He sure would make a fun boyfriend too if one leans towards that side.

Kind of feels like sex is his calling. It would be super cool if he could be an escort or even conduct sex lessons for those clueless men who just can’t satisfy women. Some of the things he said or wanted to do – well I won’t be forgetting them easily. Either way – he will be my go to guy in case there is a change in me and if I want any of my fantasises fulfilled.

As for you Mr. Sex – I’m sorry I didn’t meet you but I’m sure you’ll find plenty of women out there to satisfy. Till then – stay safe, stay cool and stay horny!

Love and peace peeps 😄

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