I want….

Okay. So this post is a bit mental lol. I just feel like writing about the things I want. Like now!

For starters, I want Cafe guy gone. I used to think it would be nice to see him at the cafe everyday but it’s not. It’s awkward and so many times I want to lounge around there with my laptop or get a meal but every darn thing has to be – TO GO!

Then I want a really cool carpenter who can make my vision of an awesome display table come to life.

I want to forget about Green Eyes. They’ve haunted me enough and I want that image of his eyes and lips gone for good.

I want my website launch party to be snazzy and a huge success, and then I want lots of orders from the website as well.

I want to stop being a lazy bum and finish content writing for my site. Yeah, I was anal enough to take on that mammoth task as I hate bad English on websites. Makes my brain go into auto correct mode which can be exhausting.

I want to start dancing and lose like a crazy amount of weight. I love the S/S 18 fashion lines and I want to own them all lol.

I want my hair to grow and then I want a cool hairstyle done! Maybe a complete makeover once I’m done losing weight.

I want to meet a really nice guy!

And last but not the least, I want a fully functional, beautifully restored 1961 Bug with racing stripes and white rimmed wheels ❤

Not asking for much actually lol. Peace out!