Over a period of time, I’ve realised that one needs a few people around who aren’t exactly friends and aren’t exactly romantic interests either (not that they can’t be, but things are just well in the grey areas unlike the black and white areas they like to be in). They are the ones who make an impact strong enough that their presence is all one needs.

So the guy I’m writing about is like a panda – warm, fuzzy, black and white, without the fur and the fat that is lol.

I was introduced to him over the phone by a common friend. A few conversations later it was established that guys like him are rare. Not only does he know how to make a girl feel comfortable in her own skin (not that I’ve met him but one just knows), he envelopes you in a warm embrace just by his oh so soothing voice. I’ve never come across a man with a voice like that.

He does have some growing up to do, but don’t we all in some way or the other. So the usual conundrum is what to do when one comes across people like Panda? As much as I would love to give things a shot with him and to get to know him better (romantically or otherwise), I truly feel guys like that come one in a dozen and no matter how strong the attraction or the need to want someone like that, one should consider the fact that they make awesome friends.

It’s more important to have such a guy be a part of my life than to give in to the different feelings I feel (starting from feeling safe to wanting conversations almost all the time).

So that said – Panda boy – you’re awesome! Stay that way and go a little easy on yourself. You know who you are so call me – maybe 😉